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Goals and Aspirations


Complete the Judges Academy training levels 1 and 2 and become a professional marching arts adjudicator.


Purchase Pyware 3d and officially add drill writing to my marching arts design capabilities so that I can write both music and visual effectively.


Dynasty Drum and Bugle Corps + SoundSport/WGI Winds/Cadet Corps + (Indoor Drumline) + Independent Winter Guard


Expand Chamber Ensemble and Solo Repertoire as well as connections for getting them performed


Officially launch Enlightened Productions as a real-world entity on its own (sponsorships, etc.)


Maintain connections w/ The Brass Roots


Become a freelance musician and Touring Solo Artist


Upgrade all mutes


Upgrade sound system: high-quality surround sound


Upgrade AV equipment: DSLR/Camcorder x 3, H2n/H4n microphones x 2 (x 2)


Increase YouTube presence: Popular Covers, satires, etc.


Album/Extended Play (EP) :)


Buy a 4-valve Flugelhorn, Piccolo Trumpet, Eb Trumpet, C Trumpet


Form and perform in a professional trumpet ensemble


Build a private lessons studio class and host bi-weekly studio class for bonding, leadership training, chamber playing, (and masterclass)


Bring the world of chamber ensemble to pre-college musicians


Launch and effectively execute the Private Lessons Partnership Program, starting with my studio



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