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Consortium: Fantasie of Passage for Solo Trumpet/Euphonium and Wind Band

Thank you for your interest in my newest consortium! Read all about it below:

Fantasie of Passage is a piece originally commissioned by Pennsylvania-based trumpeter John Maurer for solo trumpet and piano. The piece - based on the study of Celtic Runes and their meanings - tells a story of self-reflection and an adventure through growth and personal development towards a feeling of enlightenment or the realization of a monumental goal. Since its premiere on May 18th, 2016, the piece has seen dozens of performances in multiple countries and has appeared on John's debut album, "Songs For My Son". Now, the piece is being re-orchestrated for a Wind Ensemble consortium, to be premiered with featured trumpet and euphonium soloists in performances across the continent over a period of 18 months.

The piece will premiered in Midlothian, VA on May 14th, 2020 by Clover Hill High School - whose band recently performed at the centennial Veteran's Day Parade in New York City and has been selected to perform at Carnegie Hall - under the direction of Brianna Gatch with featured soloist Brandon Sklute (winner of the 2014 National Trumpet Competition high school soloist division).

We are seeking to be joined by approximately 12-15 college and high school ensembles to share premieres in various regions before releasing the piece to the general public on November 14th, 2021. 

Cost for the performing ensemble: $150

If you wish to join the 7 ensembles (as of 2/20/20) who have already committed to the consortium:


2) Set up payments with me directly at, or click on the "Buy Now" button below.

Don't want to pay electronically? Email for a mailing address.

Frequently-asked Questions

What is a Consortium? As it relates to music, the term "Consortium" most commonly refers to the process in which a group of ensembles pays a set fee to be the first group of ensembles with access to a brand new piece of music over a set period of time. It is similar to a commission, but with multiple parties paying smaller amounts rather than one large amount from one group or individual.

What will I receive by joining?  The privileges, products, and services associated with this project include:

- Physical copy of the score (8.5" X 14", coil-bound) and parts (8.5" X 11") mailed directly to the director with part copies supplied
- Exclusive rights to performing the piece during the consortium period, starting the day after the world premiere (May 14th, 2020). Consortium ends 1.5 years after the World Premiere performance (November 14th, 2021), after which the piece will be made available to the public.
- Name of each ensemble and soloist included on my website (on the "news" and "purchase" screens) and in the composers notes (score only) of the piece. 
- Recordings, if applicable, of each consortium performance included on my website (on purchase screen).

When will I receive the score and parts to the piece? A perusal score is complete and has been sent electronically to current participating members. Physical copies of the score and parts will be mailed on or around May 1st, after any final edits made during rehearsals with the world-premiering ensemble.

When will we perform the piece? The performance date can take place at any time during the 18-month period of the consortium (from May 14th, 2020 until November 14th, 2021) and still be considered a part of the consortium. That is, during the Fall 2020, Spring 2021, or Fall 2021 semesters, or at any tour, conference, camp, or other event in between semesters. Performances between the May 14th 2020 premiere and the start of the Fall 2020 semester are also possible. It is ultimately up to your discretion as an institution.

How is my featured soloist determined? In most cases, I have sent soloist recommendations or the consortium offer has already been offered in conjunction with a potential soloist. However, the soloist will ultimately be determined by the director of the institution or performing ensemble. In the case of a collegiate performance, performance with that institution's professor of trumpet or euphonium is strongly encouraged. If a high school collaborates strongly with a professional private lessons teacher on the instrument, that band director might consider asking that private lessons teacher to participate.

Will the featured soloist get paid? An ensemble or institution may choose to hire a guest soloist at their own discretion. Such compensation will be handled between the ensemble and the soloist. Special rates may apply for groups wishing to hire me as their featured soloist. Email for more information.

What instrumentation is required for the arrangement? Typical band instrumentation plus the featured soloist. Part doublings (cues) in case of absent or underrepresented sections in any particular band will be included. Optional parts for ensembles looking for more expansive instrumentation - such as Bass Trombone or Contrabass Bassoon - will be made available upon request.

Will you be able to attend each performance of the piece during the consortium or work with the students at my institution? With early communication of the performance date and help with travel costs and lodging, I may be able to guarantee attendance in any part of the country; otherwise, availability may be scarce and will be determined on a case-by-case basis. For inquiries about presenting masterclasses or residencies associated with the performance, please email me directly at

Will news about my group or recordings of my group be shared with others? News about performing ensembles and institutions participating will be shared through social media platforms. Performance or rehearsal recordings and clips will not be publicly shared without permission from the director of that institution and - if applicable - the participating soloist. Ensembles and soloists wishing to share such news or recordings on their own are more than welcome to do so. I would love to be tagged, if you do so.

Other Questions? Please send me an email at Thanks!

Fantasie of Passage for Trumpet and Piano, feat. Buddy Deshler and Peggy Purdy


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