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Consortium: Hummel Trumpet Concerto for 8 Trumpets

A HUGE Thank You Goes To All Involved In This Consortium In Any Way: THANK YOU!



Consortium Participants (in alphabetical order):

Baylor University Trumpet Studio

University of Delaware Trumpet Studio

Fredericksburg Brass Institute

Indiana University Jacobs School of Music Trumpet Studio

Oklahoma State University Trumpet Studio

Tromba Mundi

United States Army Band Trumpet Ensemble

Virginia Commonwealth University Trumpet Studio



It is my most sincere hope and desire that this project will contribute to the continued rise in quality and popularity of the trumpet ensemble, as well as further expose the beauties and community-like benefits of participating in the unique experiences brought about by chamber ensembles.




Invitations to join this consortium have now ended, and this arrangement for the Hummel Concerto will be put on sale for the general public during the International Trumpet Guild 2017 Conference (May 30th - June 3rd). Stay on the lookout for performances from the above ensembles and organizations, who have exclusive rights through the consortium to rehearsing, performing, and recording the piece from now until then.




Interested in the arrangement? Want to become involved with the eventual Haydn Trumpet Ensemble Consortium? 

Leave your email below and check the appropriate box(es), and I'll email you when the opportunities become available!


























Score Sample

Click here for a small score sample of the Hummel Concerto arrangement.



MIDI Samples

Movement 1 Sample (starts on page 2 of the above score sample.)

Movement 2 Sample

Movement 3 Sample



Performance Dates:

April 11th, 2016 at 8pm: University of Delaware

April 18th, 2016 at 8pm: Indiana University Jacobs School of Music

Additional Performances TBD


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