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Hi, there! Thank you for your interest!

But here's the thing. Ultimately, none of that matters in the context of private lessons if I can't help you achieve your goals, right?

My job is not to show you how great I am... my job is to show you how great YOU are... It is my duty to help you access your full musical potential whenever and wherever you need it.









Commonly, I’ve worked with students who weren't sure if they were cut out to achieve their dreams as musicians, large or small. They thought they wouldn’t get into any music school, but then they were offered a scholarship to attend their dream school. They didn’t think they could play in a marching band, but then they became the section leader. They thought they could only dream of marching drum corps, but then they ended up competing in the world championships with their favorite corps. They weren’t sure they could get into their all-district band, but then they qualified to audition for their all-state band.

Have you ever wondered if that could be you?

When we put our minds to a specific goal and open ourselves up to the possibility of achieving it, time and time again, what we were truly capable of all along can continually surprise even ourselves.

As a teacher and pedagogue, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of watching that process happen with my students many times. It is SO satisfying, SO rewarding, and SO inspiring to guide students to unboxing their potential and unapologetically pursuing their goals. I live for it.


After teaching over 200 students - age 6 to 76, of all backgrounds, from beginners to college music majors - I’ve made the conscious decision of narrowing my focus to those potential students I know will get the absolute best that I have to offer them. I teach so that I can help my students discover what they’re truly capable of while fully embracing the journey towards achieving their goals.


If you’d like to know more about my lessons and consider studying with me, I’d love to meet you or get to know you better! Click the link below to contact me and sign up for a free consultation, where we will talk about your experiences, your hobbies, your desires, and your aspirations as a musician. At the end of the consultation we will discuss the best course of action to help you to fulfill those aspirations. I look forward to spending some time getting to know you better!

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“Marcus is an extraordinary musician and pedagogue[...] a wonderful trumpeter as you can hear, and one of the best teachers I’ve ever observed. I’m so happy to count him as a former student (from whom I learned AT LEAST as much as he learned from me!), a friend and esteemed colleague.”      

- Rex Richardson, Internationally-Acclaimed Yamaha-Sponsored Performing Artist

"Marcus Grant is a gifted composer, artist, teacher, and influencer. As a teacher, he is caring and nurturing. As an artist, he is creative and multifaceted[...] I have worked with him in many capacities and look forward to the next opportunity that we have to collaborate. I highly recommend him!"

- Jason Bergman, Past President of the International Trumpet Guild and Yamaha-Sponsored Performing Artist

"I was very impressed with Marcus when I met him at the International Trumpet Guild Conference, simply for the manner in which he carries himself. His intelligence, passion and good nature were all immediately apparent[...] it's pretty clear that he will be a major force in the trumpet world."


 - Adam Rapa, International Trumpet Soloist and Producer, CEO and Founder of LOTUS Trumpets and Mouthpieces

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