A collection of Western Pennsylvania's finest brass musicians, The Brass Roots is committed to translating the experience of the symphony hall to the more intimate setting of chamber music through dynamic musicianship and innovative programming. Quickly becoming a Pittsburgh favorite, the professional brass ensemble is noted for the brilliance and power of their sound. I am honored to have the priviledge of partnering with these musicians, and I highly recommend that you check them out!

 “Enlightened Productions” is an organization dedicated to the growth and development of young composers. The organization began as a marching arts organization and later expanded to encompass music of all styles for all types of instrumentation. Its members hail from various parts of the nation, including but not limited to Texas, Georgia, Indiana, California, and Virginia. Members of the organization have won national and international competitions and accolades, been featured in various seminars and conferences, served as charter members and co-founders of drum corps and indoor marching ensembles, and secured various teaching and arranging jobs for top quality schools, drum corps, and indoor ensembles across the country.

Utilizing a resident faculty and a rotating roster of nationally and internationally recognized guest artists, the Fredericksburg Brass Institute fosters achievement and growth in its students while building community support for instrumental music. Guest Artists have included Rex Richardson, Phil Snedecor, Andrew Hitz, Matt Niess, The Army Brass Quintet, The USAF Brass Quintet, The Army Blues, among others. In my opinion, it currently stands as one of the highest quality brass institutes in the country at one of the most economical prices you'll ever find. Check them out and consider registering this summer or supporting!