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"Marcus' long-term potential as a mover-and-shaker in our international music community - as performer (both classical and jazz), teacher, conductor, and composer/arranger, is enormous."


Rex Richardson

International Yamaha Performing Artist, Professor of Trumpet at Virginia Commonwealth University

"I was very impressed with Marcus when I met him at the '13 ITG conference, simply for the manner in which he carries himself.  His intelligence, passion and good nature were all immediately apparent.  Now after hearing some of his compositions and arrangements, it's pretty clear that he will be a major force in the trumpet world.  Keep the beautiful works coming, Marcus!  I'm very much looking forward to following your development!"


Adam Rapa

International Trumpet Soloist, Educator, Composer, Producer

"Marcus is a unique, passionate and driven musician who inspires those around him to strive for excellence in musicality that many people only dream of acquiring after many years of maturity and musicianship. I am grateful to work with Marcus, who is not only an exceptional trumpeter, but a visionary for the future of music and its role for inspiring creativity and building community."


Stephanie Harron

Trumpeter/Colleague: FredBrass 2014

"I have worked with Marcus for a while now on several projects. His passion for music and brass surpasses any I have seen. All of his arrangements and original compositions are top notch and at the highest of qualities!"


Jesse Stevens

Former President: Enlightened Productions; Jesse Stevens Percussion

"Marcus is one of the most dedicated and talented people I know. It's wonderful to see someone so passionate about teaching others and about music itself."


Karen Dullas

Former Vice President of Membership: Kappa Kappa Psi, Kappa Psi Chapter

"It is always a pleasure working with Marcus, his compositions and arrangements stand for quality and passion for brass!"


Pim van den Heuvel

Colleague: Enlightened Productions

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