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Consortium: Hummel Trumpet Concerto for 8 Trumpets

Thank you for your interest in one of my newest and largest projects! Read all about it below:



I will never forget the summer I stumbled across a video of Julliard's competition-winning performance of Festive Overture for Trumpet Ensemble at the 2009 National Trumpet Competition. As the first trumpet ensemble performance that I ever saw, the video ignited an explosive and ever-growing love and respect for trumpet ensembles and chamber ensembles and changed my life as a musician forever.



Ever since then, I've always wondered what it might sound like to take two of most popular standard trumpet solos - the Haydn and Hummel concertos - and re-work them for trumpet ensemble.



After creating a short taste of this a couple of years ago with an experimental arrangement of the first movement of the Hummel Trumpet Concerto, I've decided that it is finally time to make this dream a reality, and I want nothing more than to share the experience with the trumpet community in the best possible way that I can. That's why I've decided to create this consortium project for the full arrangement of the Hummel Concerto, to be completed mid-September 2015 to be shared with select participating ensembles across the trumpet world!



It is my most sincere hope and desire that this project will contribute to the continued rise in quality and popularity of the trumpet ensemble, as well as further expose the beauties and community-like benefits of participating in the unique experiences brought about by chamber ensembles.








What is a Consortium? As it relates to music, the term "Consortium" most commonly refers to the process in which a group of contributing ensembles pays a set fee to be the first group of ensembles with access to a brand new piece of music. It is similar to a commission, but with multiple parties paying smaller amounts rather than one large amount from one group or individual.



Who has already joined? (in alphabetical order, last updated on 9/9/15):

Baylor University Trumpet Studio

University of Delaware Trumpet Studio

Fredericksburg Brass Institute

Indiana University Jacobs School of Music Trumpet Studio

Oklahoma State University Trumpet Studio

United States Army Band Trumpet Ensemble

Virginia Commonwealth University Trumpet Studio



What privileges will I get by joining? Joining this consortium gets you a copy of all three movements of the Hummel Concerto for 8 Trumpets as well as performing and recording rights to the piece before anyone else, as well as knowledge of every group involved in the consortium so that you can plan any regional, national, or international performances accordingly, if desired. All consortium members will have approximately from mid-September 2015 until Late May/Early June of 2017 (approximately 20.5 months) before the piece is placed on sale to the general public. You will also receive a free PDF copy of my arrangement of J.S. Bach's Little Fugue in G Minor (a $20 value) for 6 trumpets as a token of my appreciation for your participation in this consortium.



What instrumentation is required for the arrangement? The arrangement is written for Solo Trumpet in Eb (the traditional solo part) plus 2 Piccolo Trumpets, 2 C Trumpets, 2 Bb Trumpets, and 1 4-Valve Flugelhorn (with a few low-range features). However, the following part accomodations are also available upon request: Solo Trumpet in Bb (in lieu of the Eb Solo); 2 additional Bb Trumpet Part rewrites (in lieu of the 2 C Trumpet parts); An alternate 3rd Bb Trumpet or 3-valve Flugelhorn part  - altered to better fit its range - (in lieu of a 4-valve Flugelhorn).



What are the cost and terms of the Consortium? After much thought about what I believe should be most important in this project, I've decided to list the price of the consortium at the low price of only $60 for all 3 movements! That's right! With this cost comes the request that I be notified of the date for your regional premiere of the arrangement - as well as any subsequent performances and recordings (of either one or two movements from the arrangement or the entire arrangement) that take place within the time frame of the consortium - and that recordings of the piece (either live in performance/rehearsal or as the result of a recording session) be shared with me whenever possible.



Will news about my group or recordings of my group be shared with others? Other consortium members will be notified via email of your regional premieres and subsequent performances - especially in the event of a group performing at a regional, national, or international event such as the National Trumpet Competition or the International Trumpet Guild Conference - but no one will be sent recordings of performances from any other consortium members. Concert dates may be shared with the general public, but I do not plan to share recordings sent my way without first notifying the party from whom I received said recording. You are free to share your own recordings whenever and wherever you wish.



Will a Consortium project for the Haydn Trumpet Concerto for Trumpet Ensemble be released as well? That's the plan! I want to make sure each arrangement gets its due attention - from both an arranging standpoint and a performing standpoint. I also want to guage the success of bringing about the Hummel Consortium through these means before starting the project again by the same means. Thus, the Haydn Trumpet Concerto consortium likely won't be started until some time in 2016 at the earliest, at least 6 months after the Hummel Concerto has been completed and sent out to all consortium members




Other Questions? Please send me an email at Thanks!




Score Sample

Click here for a small score sample of the Hummel Concerto arrangement currently in progress.



MIDI Samples

Movement 1 Sample (starts on page 2 of the above score sample.)

Movement 2 Sample

Movement 3 Sample




Scroll back to the top to purchase!










Here is an Incomplete List of Major Past Performances of my Trumpet Ensemble Music:



Bach's "Little Fugue In G Minor" at the 2011 International Trumpet Guild Conference by Virginia Commonwealth University



"Suite For Six Trumpets" at Brucker Hall and on tour in 2011 by the United States Army Trumpet Ensemble; at the 2011 Grand Valley State International Trumpet Seminar by a student trumpet ensemble; at the 2012 National Trumpet Competition Semifinals and 2013 International Trumpet Guild Conference by Virginia Commonwealth University



"Amazing Grace" in 2012 with the United States Army Trumpet Ensemble; at the 2014 Fredericksburg Brass Institute by a student trumpet ensemble



"Salvation is Created" at the 2012 Grand Valley State International Trumpet Seminar by a student trumpet ensemble; at the 2014 Fredericksburg Brass Institute by a student trumpet ensemble



Beethoven's "Symphony No. 5, Mvt. I" at the 2013 International Trumpet Guild Conference by Virginia Commonwealth University



"Fanfarria Real" at the 2011 and 2012 VCUArts Graduation Ceremonies by Virginia Commonwealth University; at the 2012 and 2014 Virginia Commonwealth University "Trumpet Spectacular" Faculty Concert by Rex Richardson and faculty; at the 2015 Bert Truax School Of Trumpet Camp by Rex Richardson and faculty


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2016 Schedule of Events

Use the "Contact" Tab to inquire about details for any of the events Marcus Grant is involved in throughout the year.



International Trumpet Guild's Festival of Trumpets in Anaheim, CA                                                                                   June 2nd


Fredericksburg Brass Institute in Massachussetts                                                                                                       August 1st-6th


Kevin Gebo Guest Artist Concert at the Fredericksburg Brass Institute (Massachusetts)                                            August 2nd


Hummel Concerto Trumpet Ensemble Consortium Premiere: Fredericksburg Brass Institute                                     August 2nd


Hummel Concerto Trumpet Ensemble Consortium Premiere: United States Army Trumpet Ensemble                                   TBD





(2016 Past Events)



Composers Circle Features "Land of The Free for Wind Band"                                                                                       January 7th


Project Jumpstart's Innovation Competition Semifinals                                                                                                 January 30th


“Live from New York City” Indiana University Wind Ensemble Concert                                                                      February 16th


Chris Poovey’s Composition Masters Recital                                                                                                                February 22nd


Carnegie Hall Concert with the Indiana University Wind Ensemble                                                                                    March 8th


Clinic/Rehearsal with Virginia Commonwealth University’s University Band                                                                  March 14th

Indiana University Wind Ensemble Concert                                                                                                                             April 5th


Virginia Commonwealth University’s University Band Spring Concert                                                                                 April 6th


Hummel Concerto Trumpet Ensemble Consortium Premiere: University of Delaware                                                      April 11th


Hummel Concerto Trumpet Ensemble Consortium Premiere: Indiana University                                                             April 18th


IU Bands “Springfest” Concert featuring Dr. Ray Cramer                                                                                                    April 21st


“By The Dawn’s Early Light” Concert by The Brass Roots                                                                                                  April 24th


Indiana University Graduation Ceremony                                                                                                                                  May 6th


Recording Session with Buddy Deshler and The Brass Roots                                                                                        May 25-27th


Fantasie of Passage World Premiere with John Maurer                                                                                                         May 28th


Memorial Day Concert with The Brass Roots                                                                                                                          May 30th

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