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The Wellerman (Difficulty: Virtuoso)

Bb or C Trumpet and Piano

Price: $20.00 (PDF)

Length of the Piece: ~3 minutes

Although not traditionally a Sea Shanty, this New Zealander folk song has become one of the most popular songs accepted within the "Sea Shanty" genre.

Given that it's become one of my favorite pieces, I took to the task of introducing my own version to the trumpet world, full of the many challenges and techniques that have come to make trumpet music popular. Take your own shot at this dynamic theme-and-variations-style arrangement of a song that took the world by storm!

This version - to be recorded in August 2024 by Dr. Jacquelyn Lankford as part of her debut album - is the "Virtuoso" version of this arrangement, which is one of three different arrangements of this piece. Check back later this summer for the beginner and advanced versions!

Wellerman Trumpet and Piano Virtuoso FinalArtist Name
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